Standout for Justice

silent_vigil_6-5-2020The last time I wrote was four months ago on my way to Grant Circle: the weather dipped below freezing and–the light having already faded–an intrepid pair of us used flashlights to illuminate our cardboard signs as we protested the Impeachment acquittal at the traffic circle. It felt pretty grim.

What a difference a season, the effects of a months-long quarantine and renewed, inflamed national outrage at economic, social and racial injustice makes.

Today, four months to the day after that standout, a band of about three dozen of us in shorts and tees made our way back to the rotary to hold a silent vigil for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and all victims of systemic racism. Our goal? To raise awareness as well as to foster a communal feeling of belonging. To allow for collective grief and a show of support for our brothers and sisters, near and far, who are persecuted for- and solely judged by the color of their skin.

It must stop.

We must demand it.

All of us.

Perhaps like many of you, after struggling with feelings of dislocation, separation and (frankly, at times) desperation at the stream of current events in the past year or more, the many, many car honks, gestures of solidarity and outpouring of goodwill by both our group and passersby alike were overwhelming.

(UPDATE: Our standout made the local paper, bringing needed attention to this issue. Very pleased!)

This food for my soul will sustain me for a good, long time…giving me strength to pick up the banner again to fight the good fight.  As our WECANN motto states, it’s time to: work for equality, social justice and fair treatment for all.

Are you with us?

To learn more, join our private Facebook page, or join our email list.

We hope to see you again soon in this, our 4th year of #RESISTING.

2020 IS going to be the year. Join us.

Respectfully submitted,



One thought on “Standout for Justice

  1. padraiginineill says:

    Thanks Kimberlee, it felt great to stand together in solidarity! More to come.

    Appreciate your organization of this and other protests, Tricia

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