2020 is the year, my friends…

A quick note from me before I am off to Grant Rotary for another standout.

It’s been quiet on the WECANN homefront, seemingly, but our hearts and minds have not been at ease. Impeachment, the climate crisis, immigration, the list goes on and on…

IMG_9366Recently, I got to see the play, “Gloria: A Life” in Cambridge, and it certainly relit the fire under me and lifted my spirits. (If you haven’t been, I HIGHLY recommend. #GloriaALife @AmericanRep)

As we enter 2020 and the Senate takes its final vote on acquitting our impeached head of state, it is abundantly apparent that now is the time to get back on that horse and charge.

84450013_10222002337746674_3022059038096490496_nTONIGHT (2/5/2020), WECANN will be at the first Gloucester traffic circle at 5:30P with signs, shouts and shared frustration at the “state of our Union.” Please join us. In solidarity with Indivisible, folks are taking to the streets to hold our senators accountable for covering up for this lawless president. #RejectTheCoverup

  • WECANN invites anyone who would like to be there, all ages, all walks of life.
  • WECANN standouts are NON-PARTISAN. Please be respectful of this in signage and message.
  • Thank you for spreading the word and considering participation in this action.

Then, the day after Valentine’s Day, Saturday 2/15, 2P, please join us for a 2020 KICK-OFF MEETING of our group to set the agenda for the year…it’s going to be a long haul with the national election ahead. Reach out for more details.

To learn more, join our private Facebook page, or join our email list.

We hope to see you soon in this, our 4th year of #RESISTING.

Respectfully submitted,



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