Attending AVR Lobby Day on Beacon Hill

WECANN proudly sent two reps to Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) Lobby Day at the Massachusetts State House on June 28th. WECANN believes that this pending bill in the State Senate is very important for ensuring the premise found in our US Constitution: “One person, one vote,” so clearly articulated by Chief Justice Earl Warren’s Supreme Court in 1963.

19510446_10213591203473574_6464291215019471151_nInstead of raising impediments for eligible voters, AVR shifts voter registration from an opt-in to an opt-out system. This would mean that every eligible citizen who goes to the RMV, MassHealth and other state voter registration agencies, would be automatically registered to vote, unless they decline. The resultant reduction in paper forms and data-entry errors will maximize accuracy, security and most importantly – register more voters.

There was great turnout at this event; about 115 folks from 40 cities and towns were in attendance! Many groups were there in support, including the League of Women Voters (a group dear to our hearts), and Common Cause Massachusetts. 19437257_10213590723141566_8557959758465012812_n

Amanda and I were able to meet with and discuss the measure with assistants from both offices of our state representatives, Ann-Margaret Ferrante and Bruce Tarr. We feel very confident that this commonsense important legislation will streamline the process and insure greater participation in our democracy.

Respectfully submitted, Kimberlee

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